FAQs About Better Brix & ICFs

ICF products are insulating, stay-in-place concrete forming systems for walls, floors, pools, basements, foundations – combining numerous construction steps into a single assembly ready for utilities and finishes.

Yes, the EPS stays in place to provide insulation, space to run utilities, and a surface to install finish materials like gypsumboard, stucco, stone, brick, and siding.

Building with ICF can actually cut build time down with an experienced builder. This is because it saves steps on exterior and interior building.

Insulated Concrete Forms are more energy-efficient, quieter, stronger, and help keep your space at an even temperature. They are also more resistent to disaster, like fire, bugs, and water damager.

Yes! Having general construction knowledge you can give your clients home several advantages such as, strength, durability, and the chance to be more energy efficient.

Reach out and ask! We are happy to consult with you and let you know if building with Insulated Concrete Forms is the best route for you or your clients.

These are all installed the same as they would be installed into a concrete home.

Yes, ICF homes require an estimated 32% less energy to cool your home and 44% less energy to heat your home than stick build houses.

Yes! Building your pool out of Insulated Concrete Forms can help reduce heat loss and stabilize temperature. It can also reduce energy costs by a staggering 60%! This means pool season can last a bit longer.

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